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Police Beat

By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
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Someone broke a window on the first floor of Coconino Residence Hall, 1003 N. Olive Road, early Thursday morning, reports stated.

The residents of the room where the window was broken told police they heard a group of people outside their window at 5:10 a.m.

The residents also heard a desk chair rolling around on the handicap ramp outside their window, reports stated.

The residents believe that the people were "riding" the chair down the ramp.

They heard the loud crash of their window breaking and a man's voice said, "oh shit," reports stated.

One of the residents went out the emergency exit near the room and saw a man and woman who appeared to be students and two other men further ahead of them.

A lime was found on the ramp and the residents believe the students were tossing the lime at the person riding the chair when one of them hit the window with the lime, reports stated.

The residents do not believe that the breakage was intentional. There is a screen covering the window that was not damaged, reports stated.

Police have no other suspects or witnesses.

An employee at Physics and Atmospheric Sciences, 1118 E. Fourth St., received a suspicious e-mail from someone advertising a Web site featuring stolen passports and counterfeit money Thursday morning, reports stated.

The email said there were stolen passports and counterfeit money for sale at Police tried to reach the site but found that it was a false address, reports stated.

The employee did not know who sent the message.

Police have no suspects or investigative leads.

Two residents of Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, 1418 E. Fourth St., received harassing phone calls from an unknown man around 9:45 p.m. Sept. 21, reports stated.

The first resident received a call from a man who said, "I'm horny, have you ever watched a male masturbate?" reports stated.

The student hung up immediately.

About two minutes later, another resident received the same phone call from the same man. She hung up and called UAPD.

Both residents said it seemed the man was making random phone calls.

The residents said they thought the man was playing a joke or a prank and neither of the girls said they felt threatened by the phone calls, but they wanted the incident documented for future reference, reports stated.

The residents attempted to dial *57 and *69 but were unsuccessful, which suggests that the call may have been placed from off-campus, reports stated.

Police have no suspects.

An oak and blue cloth desk chair was stolen from the fenced storage area behind the Harshbarger building, 1235 E. North Campus Drive, sometime last week, reports stated.

An employee of the building said he had last seen the chair on Sept. 14 and found it missing Wednesday at 9 a.m., reports stated.

The chair was replaced with a green metal and fabric chair that said "Met-Sci."

The employee told police that he would check with other employees in the building to see if they had borrowed the chair.

No evidence of forced entry was found and only the employee, his secretary and another person have the combination to the lock.

The employee wanted reports filed with UAPD because there have been a number of things missing from the building recently, reports stated.

A $2,500 laser crystal was reported missing from the Marvel building, 1213 E. South Campus Drive, and could have been taken sometime over the last three weeks, reports stated.

The crystal was removed from the laser to be shipped to the manufacturer. It was placed in a brown box and put in one of the employee's desks, reports stated.

The box was left in the desk for about three weeks until someone realized it was gone. The employees conducted a search of the area but did not find anything, reports stated.

The employees contacted housekeeping to see if they had accidentally thrown the box away, and housekeeping told them they had not been in the room in the time period they described, reports stated.

The recycle bins were also searched.

The employees believe the box was thrown away by mistake.

There are two doors that give access to the room where the box was, and there are only two employees who have access to the room.

Neither of the doors had signs of being tampered with, reports stated.

Police have no further suspects or witnesses.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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