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Police Beat

By Holly Wells
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, October 6, 2004
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A UA moving truck was suspected of running into a man's car Saturday at the Music building, 1017 N. Olive Road, reports stated.

When police arrived the man said he had parked his truck by the loading dock around 8 p.m. The man said he left for five minutes and when he returned his truck was damaged.

The man said his friend had called him and told him he had seen a UA truck hit his car and leave.

The left rear bumper of the man's car was broken off and dented, reports stated.

There was white paint transfer on the bumper.

Police talked to the man's friend who said he had not actually witnessed the accident.

The friend said his car had also been parked at the Music building. The friend said he had seen the UA moving truck loading steel music drums.

The friend said he had seen the moving truck trying to leave and saw it squeeze between some cars.

The friend said he had left for two minutes. When he came back the friend saw that the UA truck was gone and the man's car was damaged, reports stated.

Someone tried to use a $50 parking sign sometime between Saturday and Monday to break into a vending machine area at 1111 E. Lowell St., reports stated.

When police arrived they noticed that a gate pole around the vending machine area was slightly bent.

The person had not been able to gain entry, reports stated.

Someone cracked the windshield and dented the fender on an alumnus' Dodge minivan sometime between Friday and Monday while it was parked at the Swede Johnson building, 1111 N. Cherry Ave., reports stated.

When police arrived there were two baseball-sized rocks next to the van.

It would cost about $1,000 to fix the damage to the van, reports stated.

A student told police Sunday his ex-girlfriend had been harassing him since March, reports stated.

The student told police he had broken up with the girl in March. The student said since then his ex-girlfriend had been calling him late at night, sending him e-mails, making a scene when he was around and getting her sister and friend to call him.

The student said he had e-mailed the ex-girlfriend in September saying he no longer wanted contact with her and would get a restraining order.

The student said the ex-girlfriend had sent him an e-mail on Sunday. The student said it was an e-mail he had sent the ex-girlfriend when they broke up.

The student said he suspected the ex-girlfriend had his password and was going though his deleted e-mail files. The student said he was planning on changing his password, reports stated.

Police called the ex-girlfriend who admitted to contacting the student. The ex-girlfriend said she was hoping to establish a friendship with the student.

Police told the ex-girlfriend to stop contacting the student and she said she would.

The ex-girlfriend said she had a friend who was in the same fraternity as the student and was concerned about going there.

Police told the student she could go to the fraternity as long as she didn't contact the student, reports stated.

A woman found a silver trumpet in a black case Friday on North Park Avenue and East Helen Street, reports stated.

The owner of the trumpet was not known.

Someone broke the rear window out of a student's gray SUV sometime between Saturday and Sunday while it was parked at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, 1050 N. Cherry Ave., reports stated.

The student told police he had parked the SUV around 9 p.m. on Saturday and when he returned around 6 a.m. on Sunday he noticed the broken window.

Police didn't find anything in the area that could have been used to break the window.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

A student's $150 black and blue bike was stolen sometime between Wednesday and Thursday from Skyview Apartments, 1050 E. Eighth St., reports stated.

The student said he had locked his bike with a U-lock.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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