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Ingram Hill get plushy in Tucson

By Djamila Noelle Grossman
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, October 14, 2004

Unlike most bands, Ingram Hill knew quite early that living off their music was going to be a major goal after college. What sounds like a naive idea became reality after self- releasing and distributing the band’s first EP, Until Now, in 2002.

“It happened really quickly. I was still in college for a little bit during the beginning of the band and finally we were so busy touring and playing shows that we didn’t have time for school or other jobs. So we had to make it work,” said singer and guitarist Justin Moore. “By this point, we had pretty much made up our mind that this was what we wanted to do for our living. We definitely had intended on getting there at some point of our career.”

In order to spread the word, Ingram Hill toured a great deal in 2002 with Lisa Marie Presley, Saliva, Lifehouse, and O.A.R. to name a few. Finally pushing Until Now up to No. 5 on the Memphis retail charts, they still had no support from a record company.

“It is a pretty tough career. I have a great job right now. It’s not the glamour rock'n'roll star you see on MTV, it’s not loads of money, but I make it while I’m playing music and I have been for a while. So I can’t complain that much,” said Moore.

Their latest album, June’s Picture Show, is the band’s major label debut. The lyrics revolve around love and broken hearts, lingering in harmonic melodies.

“We didn’t want to make it so ridiculously artistic that nobody has any idea what I’m actually writing about,” said Moore. “We wanted to make it like you can create all these events so every time you listen to the lyrics you go like ‘oh wow, this actually happened.’ Or hopefully that’s what’s going on with the listener. Or they’re just jamming and singing along. Either way.”

With the need to be successful also comes the reversion of artistic freedom. Not all people like the music that the band plays, but the band plays music that people like.

“I don’t think we are targeting a certain crowd. I think that’s one of the plusses of our music that we can appeal to a mass audience. We just try to get it out to as many people as possible,” Moore said.

This year, Ingram Hill have been on tour throughout the States, accompanying Hanson, amongst others. On the west coast they are going to be joined by Los Lonely Boys and Jonny Lang.

“It’s our first time in Tucson. It’s the first west coast tour we’ve done. We’re really excited about it. In Tucson we’re headlining.” Moore said.

Even if you haven’t heard Ingram Hill, Moore promises you’ll have a good time at their show.

“We put you in a good mood. If you want to continue to be sad we are not going to play for you. We have a good time on stage and we hope it transfers on the audience,” Moore said. “One of the great things is to see an audience that doesn’t quite know what to expect and halfway through the show you can see on their faces and body language that they’re having a good time too.”

Ingram Hill are playing at Plush, 340 E. Sixth St., on Monday. The show starts at 10 p.m. and tickets are $5. The show is for ages 21 and up.

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