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Tuesday, November 2, 2004
photo UA Faculty Senate upset over sudden budget cuts

Several faculty members criticized UA administrators for lack of notice regarding the 2 percent across-the-board budget cuts during yesterday's Faculty Senate meeting.

The Committee of Eleven, a group of elected faculty members, released a three-page report in July 2004 outlining its concerns about the budget cuts.

The Committee of Eleven speaks for the general faculty and its main purpose is to look at problems concerning the faculty and the university. [Read article]

photo Non-voting students cite lack of faith in presidential candidates

Some UA students are not voting today because they do not believe either presidential candidate can implement positive change for the United States.

William Dixon, professor and head of the political science department, said the early deadline for voter registration, being too busy, and being misinformed about voting are three major reasons some students might not vote.

"Typically there are barriers, and the barriers to voting are usually more severe to young people than they are for others," Dixon said. [Read article]

Class tracks black candidates

Students in an African American Studies class are throwing an election night party to analyze the results of the elections involving 48 African American national congressional candidates.

The African American Politics class, AFAS 255, has been researching the 48 African American congressional candidates, and predicting their chances to win in the various elections for the bulk of the semester, said Wendy Theodore, the professor of the class. [Read article]

Local venues host election night gatherings

Students who have endured months of campaigning can celebrate the end tonight at election parties on and off campus.

Wilbur's Underground

Students interested in watching the election results mixed with entertainment and food can go to the first ever Election Smackdown held tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Wilbur's Underground in the Student Union Memorial Center.

The event will provide a place for students to get together and watch the election process while having a good time, said Matt Matera, higher education graduate student and event organizer. [Read article]

Students, political groups to closely follow elections

UA political groups and students say they'll be glued to their television sets tonight anticipating the election results to determine the country's 44th president.

Students said another close race like that of the 2000 election and the presidential candidates views on issues affecting them are reasons they will be tuned in to the election results tonight.

Gabe Scara, a first year graduate student, said he'll be attending a barbeque at his friend's house and watching the polls come in tonight. [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • The Incas considered bridges to be so sacred that anyone who tampered with one was put to death. Among the most impressive Inca bridges were the chacas, or rope bridges, spanning great distances over gorges and rivers. They were made of plaited grasses woven together into a single cable as thick as a man's body, and they sometimes extended for 175 feet. It took as many as a thousand people to build such a bridge, and many of these remarkable structures lasted more than 500 years. [Read article]

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