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Wednesday, September 1, 2004
Ex-student arrested at RNC

Charges 'most serious' yet levied against any convention protester

A former UA student is being held on $200,000 bail in New York City following a fight that erupted Sunday between police and protesters near the site of the Republican National Convention.

Yusuke Banno, 21, is charged with assault in the first degree, assault on a police officer, reckless endangerment, riot in the first degree, resisting arrest, and hindering riot resistance and obstruction. [Read article]

Float linked to radical NY group

Former UA student Yusuke Banno, 21, was arraigned Monday on charges stemming from a confrontation with New York City police outside the Republican National Convention on Sunday. Though Banno is not being charged with arson, the events leading to his arrest occurred shortly after the green dragon papier-mâché Banno and others were leading through midtown Manhattan was set on fire, prompting protesters to flee. [Read article]

Restaurant gunman, victim may be friends

A UA student who went to high school with the man who fired a shot at a restaurant early Saturday morning said yesterday that the gunman and the victim were friends.

Jacob Ochoa, liberal arts freshman, was arrested on two charges of aggravated assault after the shooting, and could face expulsion from the UA.

Officials say Ochoa did not live on campus and did not have a permit for the gun he had the night of the incident. [Read article]

photo Frat offers reward for vandal info

A $500 reward is being offered to anyone with information about reported vandalism to the Sigma Pi house, formerly the Pi Kappa Alpha or PIKE house.

The local house corporation, which is made up of local and national PIKE alumni and which owns the house at 1525 E. Drachman St. is offering the reward.

Eric Wulf, executive director of the Pi Kappa Alpha Memorial Headquarters, said it is unusual for a local house corporation to offer a reward. [Read article]

UA doctors open shop at nearby hospital

In response to the increased demand for healthcare in southern Arizona, University of Arizona physicians have expanded their services to a nearby Tucson hospital.

The UA Departments of Surgery, Neurology and Urology of University Physicians, Inc., have opened specialty clinics at University Physicians Hospital at Kino, offering services ranging from hernia repairs to breast biopsies.

Dr. Hugo Villar, a professor of surgery who helped lead the expansion to Kino, said the hospital provides space to increase the Department of Surgery's faculty and clinical services. [Read article]

photo Grant Road suicide lane meets summer death

The Grant Road reversible lane, better known as "the suicide lane," was shut down June 21 and is now used exclusively as a left turn lane.

However, many UA students who were out of town this summer are unaware of the change.

"School is back in session and the Tucson Department of Transportation staff would like to remind or inform students that the reversible lane is no longer in operation," said Michael Graham, public information officer and spokesman for the Tucson Department of Transportation. [Read article]

photo Increase 'IQ' at student union smoothie stand

Several UA students have found delight in the smoothies, wraps and other food items available at the new IQ Fresh restaurant, which opened in the Student Union Memorial Center last week.

IQ products, including water, juice and ready-made smoothies, were first available on campus in January 2003 and have been sold in the Canyon Café, U-Mart and the Bookend Café.

The restaurant replaced Louie's, a Philly cheesesteak restaurant that closed down on June 29, said David Galbraith, director of dining services for Arizona Student Unions. [Read article]

Program gets walkers in shape for marathon

3-month training program prepares for Olson run/walk

The Better Than Ever program, a training program in conjunction with the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona Medical Center, will start a three-month training program next week for those participating in the Bobbi Olson Half Marathon in December.

Joyce Stavro, Better Than Ever program coordinator, said last year's race raised $222,000 with 450 people participating in the marathon. [Read article]

On the spot

Economics sophomore says London is capital of bad food but didn't think the haggis was all that bad

Wildcat: Ding Dong, you thought the witch was dead but now she's back. I'm Claire from the Wildcat and you're On the Spot.

Nuñez: Me? Oh, God.

Wildcat: So, Dorothy, if you could click your heels together and transport yourself anywhere you wanted to, where would you go? [Read article]

photo Fast facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Celery has negative calories - it takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has to begin with.

  • The average brain constitutes 2 percent of a person's total body weight, yet it requires 25 percent of all oxygen used by the body, as opposed to the 12 percent used by the kidneys and the 7 percent by the heart.

  • Babe Ruth, who held the world lifetime record for home runs until the 1970s, also held the world record for strikeouts. [Read article]

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