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Monday March 5, 2001

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ASUA Candidate Profiles

ASUA Election 2001

Kristel Miller
English and political science sophomore

Kristel Miller decided to run for ASUA president because she noticed there were a lot of things on campus that she thought needed improvement.

"I am not the type of person that just sits around and complains about something I don't like," Miller says. "I like to be able fix the things that I am able to."

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Provost says UA grad student compensation not enough

TAs want registration fees waived

Compensation for graduate teaching and research assistants is not enough to be competitive with other peer institutions, UA Provost George Davis said in a presentation to the Arizona Board of Regents Friday.

Gary Pivo, dean of UA's graduate college, and Davis presented statistics on the reality of UA graduate assistant's workloads and compensation at the ABOR meeting.

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Woods, Wildcats drown Ducks in rout

Arizona synchronized, waiting for Cardinal

The formula for Arizona's 104-65 thumping of Oregon Saturday night was simple. One part vengeance, one part anticipation. The UO basketball team was definitely the wrong team playing at the wrong place at the most inopportune of times. Not only did the Ducks enter McKale Center on senior night, just five days before UA faces No. 1 Stanford, but they came to Tucson as one of three Pacific 10 Conference teams to win over the Wildcats.

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Potential abounds ASUA

ASUA has power - much more than the student body realizes. It has control. It has President Likins' ear. It has a gargantuan budget. And most of all, it has potential. When I first arrived at the university, we had a student body president named Tara Taylor. She was tall, thin, blond and beautiful. And she was extremely intelligent. The last I heard, she headed to Stanford for law school. I had developed my first jealousy complex.

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From Art to Finish

2 student artists last to show work in Union Galleries

As Shakespeare would say, saying good-bye is bittersweet. So when the University of Arizona bids farewell, at least temporarily, to the Union Galleries in the coming weeks, at least the galleries' two final shows will make the parting more sweet than sorrowful. UA art students S.J. Gibson and Karen Domnitch Felton are to be the last two students to show their work in the Rotunda and Arizona galleries, respectively, due to the scheduled demolition of the Memorial Student Union this semester.

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Fast facts: Monday March 5, 2001

The largest turtle ever found weighed 2,016 pounds.

The snapping turtle eats carrion (decaying flesh) and is used by police to find dead bodies.

It takes seven years for a lobster to grow 1 pound.

One beaver can cut down 216 trees a year.

In North America, beavers used to grow to the size of bears.

A shark can grow a new set of teeth in a week.

A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.