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Wednesday March 7, 2001

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UAPD offers tips on how to stay out of trouble in Mexico

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Certain rules different, more stringent than in America

Former UA police chief Douglas Paxton used to make periodic trips to Nogales, Mexico, to rescue students who were stuck in jail.

That was about 25 years ago. Students who are arrested south of the border these days aren't likely to see such luck.

With Spring Break beginning this weekend, many UA students are lured to Mexico by less stringent drinking laws than those in the U.S. - laws which allow alcohol to be purchased by anyone 18 or over.

Amid all the fun and drinking, though, students should be careful not to run afoul of the law while partying in Mexico, said UAPD Officer Paul Reinhardt.

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Students warned to keep an eye out for scam artists

Illegitimate vendors might push fraudulent magazine subscriptions, trips

UA event coordinators are warning students against unauthorized vendors on campus who claim to sell bargain magazine subscriptions.

Some students who have purchased these subscriptions later realized that they did not get a receipt and usually do not receive the magazines, said Diane Newman, UA Mall events coordinator.

Newman said illegitimate vendors should be easy to spot because they usually sit on benches, carry clipboards and give no sign of permanence.

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Mac Duff to rejoin Wildcats as defensive coordinator

New York Giants special teams coach Larry Mac Duff has left the team and will rejoin the UA football program as defensive coordinator.

The Giants' official Web site reported yesterday that Mac Duff has accepted the position and will return to Tucson, where he helped run the "Desert Swarm" defense at Arizona from 1987-96.

The New York Times and the Newark Star-Ledger both confirmed the Giants' report yesterday.

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Why should you vote online?

For the last year as your student body president, I have had many experiences and interactions with students that have truly shown me that I have had an incredible responsibility - to represent each and every one of you to the best of my abilities and to make this campus the best place it possibly can be for the students. One of the most momentous of these encounters came when a student arrived in the ASUA Student Government offices shortly after I was elected, and asked if she could meet with me.

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All that jazz

World renowned saxophonist to play with AZ Jazz

The AZ Jazz ensemble is taking steps toward walking the improvisational tight-rope.

Comprised of 16 undergraduate and graduate instrumentalists from the UA, AZ Jazz will perform on stage at Crowder Hall tonight along with guest artist Jamey Aebersold as part of UA Jazz Week.

The ensemble, whose members have worked together since August, rehearses for one hour, three times a week, under the direction of UA music professor Jeff Haskell.

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Fast facts: Wednesday March 7, 2001

A lion's roar can be heard from five miles away.

The correct response to the Irish greeting, "Top of the morning to you," is "and the rest of the day to yourself."

The Chinese ideogram for "trouble" depicts two women living under one roof'.

Gilligan of "Gilligan's Island" had a first name that was only used once, on the never-aired pilot show. His first name was Willy.

The allele for six fingers and toes is dominant in humans.