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Monday August 5, 2002   |   |   Online since 1994  
The Wildcat is on break for the rest of summer. Our next issue will come out on August 26th, but the classifieds will be updated daily for the rest of summer.

Break Updates:
Warrant issued in last year's campus-area sexual assaults

Tucson Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the man believed to be responsible for a series of sexual assaults in the UA area between last October and January and currently are on a manhunt for the suspected serial rapist. [Read article]

Five degree programs to be eliminated

Five degree programs may be cut from UA's course offerings and three others merged with different departments over the next four years, Provost George Davis said Friday at the Arizona Board of Regents meeting. [Read article]

Regents approve plan for medical research center

The Arizona Board of Regents approved Friday a $170 million plan to expand the Arizona Health Sciences Center. [Read article]

A whole new ballgame

Matt Campbell, a new freshman majoring in business, registered for classes last week along with hundreds of other incoming students

Struggling to find the classes he was advised to take, he said he is already worried about keeping his course load fairly even throughout his stay at UA.

"I donāt want to get to senior year and have to take 19 units," he said. "I want an average of 15 units and get out in four years."

Nearly a year after UA was first asked to tighten its budget belt, the first group of post-budget cut freshmen are primed to start school, and they will enter it with different promises than the group just a year before them. [Read article]

Recess is over

Freshmen will enter a university changed ÷ at least in what it promises them
Headline Photo
Randy Metcalf/Arizona Summer Wildcat
Media Arts freshman Brian Hanson.
A whole new ballgame
KAMP Student Radio facing a struggle this fall
Campus housing construction boom follows 3 decade lull
Campus Briefs

KAMP Student Radio facing a struggle this fall

Coming federal fees, rules, could force station off the air

KAMP Student Radioās online existence is being challenged by complicated rules and higher fees that are expected to hit college campuses across the nation this fall. [Read article]

Mackovic not surprised by low media day ranking

LOS ANGELES ö UA players might think they have an improved team this season but the media does not think much has changed. For the second straight season, the Wildcats were picked to finish 8th in the Pacific 10 Conference by the media in its annual preseason poll. After a 5-6 season, UA head coach John Mackovic said the low ranking was no surprise. [Read article]


Letters to the Editor

Article Īpornographicā

I am shocked that Arizona Student Media is actually paying the writers and editors of this newspaper to write borderline pornographic material on a topic that has no educational value. [Read article]

Interim director named for School of Music

Rex Woods, a noted pianist who has been serving as the School of Musicās associate director, was named interim director of the school, replacing Robert Cutietta, who will become dean of the School of Music at the University of Southern California. [Read article]


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