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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Sitting In On Democracy: Students protest Bush speech


UA students were nearly arrested yesterday after staging a sit-in in the ROTC building to protest the war in Iraq, the military recruitment of young people and President Bush's State of the Union address.

Students, alumni and members of The World Can't Wait left their anti-war rally on the UA Mall to march to the ROTC building and sit on the lobby floor with their arms locked.

Gabriel Matthew Schivone, an undeclared freshmen and member of The World Can't Wait, watched as police surrounded the building, declaring it a "crime scene." He said he was worried his friends would be arrested. [Read article]

· Faculty prepared to meet with Shelton
· UA scientist builds death ray in spare time
· Quick Hits
· Congressional hopeful watches State of the Union address with students
· GOP to challenge veto on pay-raise bill
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2006 Baseball Season Preview: Leading by example


Lone returning draftee set for senior season with babyfaced squad

In the wake of the Arizona baseball team's wholesale roster change-out, there has been at least one constant source of reliability for the Wildcats - senior infielder Brad Boyer.

Boyer, who was drafted in the 14th round by the Seattle Mariners in June's Major League Baseball draft, decided to return to Tucson for his senior season while former teammates Trevor Crowe, Nick Hundley, Jordan Brown, John Meloan, Kevin Guyette and Chris Frey all left early after being drafted. [Read article]

· 2006 Softball Season Preview: Chemistry set, Wildcats a family again
· Golf's Liaw flying high after eagle
· Schwartz on sports: Catch some baseball, why don'cha?
· Gymcat wins conference weekly award
· Changes shine up Sancet
· Ace aims for title, not records
· Newcomers charging onto softball infield

An intelligent discourse on intelligent design


Earlier this month, the official newspaper of the Vatican weighed in on the debate over intelligent design in the classroom by supporting the claims of those who have said that it is not a scientific theory and should not be taught as one.

The article appeared in the newspaper L'Osservatore Romano in a special section meant to address the controversial topic, which has been widely publicized in America in recent years.

As a theory, intelligent design probably doesn't deserve all the criticism that it draws, but the decision to prevent it from being taught in public science classrooms is a good one. [Read article]

· Music education is vital
· Editorial: Restricting majors not a fair solution
· Mailbag

Latest Issue: January 26, 2006


Long-hailed opening act finally gets to perform last Limbeck is one of those mysterious opening bands; the kind that you didn't come to see, but leaves you with the impression you have experienced something awesome. In other words, Limbeck is the Steve Buscemi of the alternative music world. [Read article]

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Latest Issue: December 6, 2005



Fire twirling, sword swallowing on club's weekly agenda

There's a little pyromaniac in all of us. Blame our caveman instincts, but our fascination with this force of nature - both destructive and life-sustaining - starts with childhood, where experiments with a Zippo lighter and your mother's industrial-sized can of hairspray gives you hours of fun and, if you're lucky, a brand-new set of eyebrows. [Read article]


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