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Letters to the Editor

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday Feb. 8, 2002

A 'backwards view' of American history

Mariam Durrani's column on patriotic movie previews on Feb 1 was an appallingly typical display of anti-American hatred and a completely ignorant and backwards view of American history. Communism was and is the greatest threat to all of human civilization. One of the most basic tenants of communism is that it cannot peacefully coexist with any other ideology, religious or secular; all culture must be destroyed for communism to succeed. In the '40s and '50s, Americans learned about the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss and the "Hollywood ten." This, combined with the fall of China to Mao, the unprovoked Soviet-supplied invasion of South Korea and Khrushchev's screaming "We will bury you," rightfully scared the hell out of people all over the world.

Our government officials like Sen. McCarthy had a right and an obligation to find out who the communists were and what they were up to so that further threats to our security could be prevented. The assertion by Ms. Durrani that these people were "paranoid" shows no knowledge of true history and her serious anti-American sympathies. Even more disturbing than that, she expressed disapproval that there is a law against advocating the overthrow of our democratic form of government.

However, we must realize that she did not come to these conclusions on her own. She tells us that she learned in high school to equate all patriotism with Nazism. We can be sure that these teachings were only reinforced here at UA. This rewriting of history to promote radical leftist causes and demonize America is rampant. Her immediate reaction of being "shocked" and "stung" by the public display of views contrary to her own shows that her indoctrination is total and she has zero tolerance for different ideas. In reality, she is everything that she claims to hate: She is an incredibly ignorant, intolerant and hate-filled person.

Durrani was right that we should be careful about getting brainwashed. Clearly it has already happened to her. Now our nation is under attack from the followers of another radical ideology who also have no mercy for nonbelievers and believe anything is justified in the advancement of their cause.

We know that our enemies are in our midst but the shrieks of racism and "McCarthyism" from people like Durrani has caused a cowardly indecisiveness among today's politicians about how to find and eliminate them - I guarantee that it will cost us the lives of more innocent Americans. We could use another man like "Tail Gunner" Joe right now.

Gavin Murphy
history senior

Battle of morals

While I respect the opinions of both Ian Williams and Ingrid Lindstrom in their letters to the editor, I support Ingrid more so than her attacker. Hopi Lodge is an openly "drug-free" residence hall where the students who decided to live there were informed of the hall's substance-free policy before moving in. Yes, Ian, students who were chosen to live there did not necessarily have a choice about the substance-free policy when it came down to needing a place to live, but there should be a certain degree of respect because of that agreement.

I live in a hall that has no such policy as Hopi does. Even in my hall, I get frustrated hearing people come in at all hours (but usually 4 in the morning) and pass out in the hallway or run around laughing at raucous intervals, banging into doors and throwing up in the potty. I realize that is an extreme but, as Ian stated, college is supposedly a "dual learning device," an age of experimentation. However, many people do experiment to extremes, especially freshmen away from home and away from parental control for the first time. I would hope people would have respect for others in their hall, not because there are rules, but because it's just the proper thing to do.

I agree with Ingrid when she states that "students should hold themselves to a higher standard and behavior while living in an academic and social community." While society may dictate certain people to certain behavioral patterns, such as smoking pot and getting drunk, there are other social activities.

Simply because a person chooses not to participate in such conformity does not mean she is "neglecting" her social life. One might ask of Ian how he could be so judgmental of people, merely because they would appreciate a little respect and honor.

I appreciate the fact that Ingrid is so open with her experience in Hopi Lodge and think that she has a valid argument. I am a person who straddles the line - I don't smoke or drink, but I also don't deny myself the experience of a college social life. It is possible to be social, very much so, without assimilating.

There can be no resolution to such a problem because it all comes down to a question of morals - morals that are determined by the individual. All one can ask is that those who do agree to a substance-free environment, voluntarily or not, should do their best to uphold such an agreement.

Jessie Fredeen
communication and journalism freshman

Alumni should use money wisely

My letter is in response to Monday's article of the 128 classes that will be canceled. I think it's ironic that while dozens of classes are canceled due to the budget cuts, a multi-million Alumni Plaza project is under consideration. If the alumni loved this university as President Likins claims they do, why not donate that money to increasing knowledge and keeping classes? Just because the canceled classes will not impede anyone from graduating doesn't mean that it will have devastating results for the students affected. This morning I found out that the International Business Program will be canceled, making me and some friends the last to graduate in the program. For those that are a year behind and have already gone through and paid for some of the classes, I suppose a "tough luck" remark is all they get. The IBCP program is one of the best things to happen to the Eller College. It challenged me to do something no other class had done for me before: It challenged me to think.

It's truly a shame that an institution whose service is to educate can reject the notions it teaches. This bill is one of those examples where money takes precedence over education. It makes me glad that I'll be soon leaving this cheap institution that runs a school like a greedy business. A note to the alumni donating money to the Alumni Plaza: If you want to show off your money, at least do it for a smart cause. Save the IBCP.

Gabriela Cervantes
marketing and international business senior

Insightfully Good Shit

Shaun Clayton's Commentary of Monday is the absolute funniest thing I have ever seen come out of UA. Not only funny; It is as insightful as it is delightful. Thanks for bringing us to a higher level of awareness of crap, Shaun. This institution is in dire need of this type of humor! I'm going to have to put this up on my wall as a reminder of my days at UA. My one criticism of this article is that it was hidden away on the second to last page - it should have been on the front page!

Marie Lynn
journalism junior

Cancel Sarape's Grill

For several years, the Wildcat has featured a comic strip called "Sarape's Grill" written by Arnulfo Bermudez Garcia. Why? It's a poorly drawn cartoon of a stereotypical Mexican bandito guy from an Eastwood flick with a bad case of the "nothing-funny-or-interesting-to-say" cartoon blues. I've never understood the artist's intentions, and apparently I'm not the only reader who has noted the strip's lack of worth. Wildcat reader Mr. Hopkins wrote in a Wednesday letter to the editor, " Sarape's Grill fails its community, its nation and humor itself. There's nothing 'comic' about it." Oddly enough, the author of Sarape's Grill created a specially dedicated cartoon for Mr. Hopkins in the same issue of the Wildcat in which Bermudez gives his best attempt at snide rebuttal. Wildcat comic editor, are you trying to stir up problems between readers and your "artistic" talent? Mr. Bermudez - please note that many readers do not find your cartoons humorous. I'm sure you've encountered critique before, but a mature response to criticism is certainly not depicted in your Wednesday "comic" strip, and sadly I recommend to the Wildcat that the efforts of a more thoughtful and polite cartoonist be located in place of the Sarape's Grill cartoon. Bermudez has bored and insulted readers with his "comics" for several years, and when faced with critique, replied with even more of his polished slop.

Find another creative outlet, Mr. Bermudez. Your attempts at comic art are invalid.

Dan Howarth
UA alumnus

Hall column "well argued"

As usual, Caitlin Hall's commentary is very articulate, objective and well argued. She simply writes the best commentaries in the Wildcat. It's very interesting that a political science junior doesn't know anything about politics compared to a philosophy junior. Guess Plato was on the right track when he wrote Gorgias. There is one thing though which I would like to point out: How probable do you think it is that Iran and Iraq work together on anything, as the phrase "axis of evil" suggests? And how long will it take people to realize that terrorism not only operates in cells, but also is supported by cells?

Anyways great commentaries, keep it up, you are really good addition to the Wildcat.

Sebastian Treusch
MCB sophomore

"Jew for Jesus" is a contradiction

I am writing in response to the recent advertisement of the Jew who "found Jesus" and the ensuing letters. It seems that none of the people who wrote in had their facts down. Joel Simon wrote with the view of Reform Jews, and the responses to his letter were correct about a Jew being a Jew no matter what he or she believes in. The responses were incorrect, however, in their statements that the beliefs of Jesus and of Judaism do not have to be contradictory. This is where Joel Simon is correct. The belief in Jesus as anything but a normal man contradicts fundamental Jewish beliefs and anyone who says otherwise has little knowledge of one or both of the religions. Mark Coppola just took the errors in research a step further when he claimed that as a Christian he could never become Jewish. There is a process called conversion that converts people who weren't born Jewish into Jews. This ruins his argument that Judaism is solely about ancestry. Mark should also know that the "Old Testament" and the Torah are two different things. It says in the Torah that g-d gave the Torah to the Jews and only the Jews. This means that it isn't "his" bible. I am not condemning any other religions, but simply stating the truth, which is that the beliefs of Jesus and Judaism are incongruent and the term "Jew for Jesus" is a contradiction in terms.

The group that placed the initial advertisement is the same group that has tried for 2,000 years to convert Jews to Christianity. I pity anyone who falls for the trap.

Dalia Spingarn
political science freshman

More than one dorm

Tuesday's article on the proposed graduate, apartment-style dorm says that Christopher City was the only housing ever designated for graduate students. The university had other housing designated for unmarried graduate students. In 1972 the ATO house, then on Warren, failed, and that during the summer it was converted to a dorm. I was the head resident from 1972 to 1976.

At a time when the university had no official coed housing, this dorm was officially known as Comstock-Graduate Women, who lived on the first floor, and Comstock-Graduate Men, who lived on the second floor. This building is now called Comstock House and is used for offices by the medical college.

Alan Lee
insurance officer
former head resident, Comstock Graduate Dorm


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