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Volleyball's Kim Glass shattering UA records

CLAIRE LAURENCE/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Sophomore outside hitter Kim Glass has led the Wildcat volleyball team in blocks in every game but one this season. After a 30-kill effort against Oregon State last week, she was named the Wildcat's Athlete of the Week.
By James Kelley
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, October 23, 2003

After not leading the Arizona volleyball team in kills last week against Oregon for the first time this season, true sophomore outside hitter Kim Glass got to the 30-kill plateau against Oregon State - and nearly did it again at No. 2 Hawaii with 28. Glass' 30 kills came in a match that lasted only three games - the only time a player has done that this season.

Glass, who broke a Wildcat single-season record with 556 kills last year, should be the first UA player to break the 1,000-kill barrier as a sophomore next week in the Bay Area.

Glass took a break from rewriting Arizona's record book to talk to the Wildcat about her dirty sweatband, having to watch men's basketball home games on TV like the rest of us, Arizona State ugly colors and her top five most attractive UA male athletes.

Wildcat: So I looked on the American Volleyball Coaches' Association Web site, and you're the only person (this season) to get 30 kills in three games. How does it feel?

Glass: Oh, really? I didn't know. I guess it's OK. It just means that we weren't spreading our offense around. The game's much more fun when it's more diverse. That's pretty cool to get that. I don't know what else to say - it's not a goal of mine. I'm not like, "Oh, I got 30 kills." I just want to win the game.

Wildcat: Do you ever keep track of how many kills you have when you're out there?

Glass: No, I keep track of my errors. I'm like, "Damn, I already made three errors."

Wildcat: After playing three matches last weekend, one so far away, how tired were you?

Glass: The plane trip was ... oh my. My body is so enervated right now. It just feels so weak, and my arm's, like, on the floor right now.

Wildcat: What did you do on the plane to Hawaii and back?

Glass: Slept. I slept the whole time, each ride.

Wildcat: How did it feel to play before that many people (7,366) at Hawaii?

Glass: It was awesome, and the fans - they weren't really rude fans, they just wanted to see good volleyball. We don't get that many at all, so it's a totally different environment.

Wildcat: So a couple weeks ago, the Athlete of the Week, Clay Hardt, said you were the hottest female athlete at the UA.

Glass: (Laughs) I thought it was cute because he was my ex-boyfriend. So he better know that (laughs). Just kidding. It was real cute. It was real nice.

Wildcat: So who is the hottest male athlete?

Glass: I knew you guys were going to ask me that. I think there's a lot of very nice-looking gentlemen in the athletic department. In no particular order, the top five are Clay Hardt, Lance Relford, Andre Torrey, Darrell Brooks and "'Dre," Andre Iguodala.

Wildcat: What's your favorite other UA team?

Glass: You mean watching or the people?

Wildcat: Everything.

Glass: I'm going to have to say basketball, men's basketball, just because I love watching basketball. It's so exciting.

Wildcat: Do you get to go?

Glass: Occasionally. I watch on TV, though. It's not the same as being there. It's a totally different environment with all the fans, all the school pride. But I love the football players, too; they're real cool people. They're just real cool to chill with. They're just real down-to-earth people. I like a lot of them - not like that, though (laughs).

Wildcat: Who do you think has the ugliest uniforms in the Pac-10?

Glass: Wow, we have some ugly colors. I think ASU's colors are pretty ugly actually - the maroon and gold, those are just hideous. How can you wear that and have pride? They definitely don't match. It's like ketchup and mustard - the cheap kind.

Wildcat: You're obviously good friends with Jennifer Abernathy, your roommate. How does it feel to have her playing well now, too?

Glass: It's awesome. When we go home after games, if one of us isn't playing well, it's a bad vibe (laughs).

Wildcat: How many Thundercats sweatbands do you have? Do you have a rotation?

Glass: No. We have one. We're dirty (laughs). And you know, I haven't washed mine yet. Actually, I think Clay wore mine that one time, during the game that he got Athlete of the Week for. He wore it, so he stretched it out a little bit.

Wildcat: Since you won that match, was it OK to laugh when Jen (Abernathy) hit Bre Ladd with a jump serve last week?

Glass: Yeah, it's OK. We always laugh at the stuff afterwards. Sometimes we laugh during the game, actually. No hard feelings. It happens.

Wildcat: In the warm-ups, when you're spiking the ball, do you ever try and hit anyone?

Glass: Yeah, sometimes. If in the warm-ups they try and hit me or they're rude, I try to hit them a little bit (laughs).

Wildcat: In the Hawaii newspaper they were talking about how tall you are. (Hawaii All-American) Kim Willoughby said, "She has long legs! Oh my God, her legs went up to my chest. I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

Glass: (Laughs) Yeah, my legs are pretty long. (6-foot-5 middle blocker) Jolene (Killough) has longer legs then I do. I have like a 38 inseam. She has like a 41-inch inseam. We have long legs but the Hawaii girls were really cool, they were good sports. They're kinda long, but I like them.

Wildcat: Their reporter asked them if they ever thought they'd lose that match and they said, "Of course not" and, "Are you serious?" What do you think of that? Do you think they'll be that confident if you play them again?

Glass: I'm kinda shocked they said "Of course not," (and) "Are you serious?" Throughout the game they looked pretty rattled.

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