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Police Beat

By Arek Sarkissian II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday March 24, 2003

UAPD officers found a stolen sport coupe south of campus Wednesday, reports stated.

Officers found the Chevrolet Camaro sitting in a parking lot at East 10th Street and North Fremont Avenue. The car showed slight damage to the driver side, and one window was rolled down, reports stated.

A license plate check revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen by its owners, who live on Tucson's south side, reports stated.

A Tucson Unified School District security officer told police he saw the vehicle sitting there three days before, reports stated.

The car was towed to an impound lot and its owners were notified.

A custodian found a marijuana plant growing in a student's dorm room Tuesday, reports stated.

The custodian was performing a routine cleaning of a suite bathroom in Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., when he found the plant growing on a windowsill, reports stated.

Police responded to the scene after the hall director reported the custodian's discovery, reports stated.

Upon entering the room, officers noticed a mild smell of marijuana. They also saw pictures of marijuana plants covering most of one wall, a piece of sheet fabric softener clamped to a desk with a plastic clip, several packages of incense and air freshener containers, reports stated.

The hall director told police that only one student lived in the room because he "scared off three roommates because of drugs," reports stated.

Officers found the plant sitting near an open window and a small fan. They also noticed two small lamps clamped to the bed by the plant, reports stated.

A bag of Miracle-Gro, and unknown white powdery substance and a bag of potting soil also lay on a towel on the floor near the plant, reports stated.

Because the items were in plain view, police obtained a search warrant, with which they found at least four pipes, some of which had what appeared to be marijuana residue in them, reports stated.

A copy of the search warrant was left on a desk in the room, and the plant and paraphernalia were taken into custody. The Miracle-Gro was discarded, reports stated.

More than $1,500 worth of belongings were reported stolen Tuesday from a car parked in the Second Street Garage, 815 E. Second St., reports stated.

A man told police he parked his 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse on the third floor of the garage on March 14. When he returned four days later, his driver side window was shattered and his belongings were gone, reports stated.

Among the things stolen were $1,000 worth of CDs, a $300 CD player and a pair of $200 Kenwood speakers, reports stated.

Fingerprints were lifted from the dashboard, but nothing was identifiable, reports stated.

Police have no suspects.

A teenager was arrested on charges of marijuana possession and driving on a suspended license after he disobeyed traffic signs near a construction zone west of campus, reports stated.

UAPD officers were traveling southbound on North Park Avenue when they noticed a maroon older-model Chevrolet Lumina headed north, against traffic signs, reports stated.

Police became even more suspicious of the Lumina when passengers in the backseat ducked down as they passed the officers, reports stated.

Police pulled the vehicle over at North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard. The 18-year-old driver told officers that he had forgotten his license at his house in Douglas. He gave officers his high school ID, which confirmed that he had a suspended license, reports stated.

While they talked to him, officers noticed the smell of alcohol on the teen's breath, but he said he had not been drinking, reports stated.

Officers looked in the vehicle and spotted a black suitcase, which they then searched, finding a "green leafy substance" inside. They also noticed the smell of marijuana, and found more of the leafy substance in the center console, reports stated.

The teen told police that the suitcase belonged to the owner of the vehicle, a friend of his sister who was staying a few blocks away, reports stated.

After police read him his rights, the teen said he drank three beers at his sister's apartment earlier. He also acknowledged that he had a suspended driver license, reports stated.

When asked about the marijuana, the teen said he knew nothing about it; he said he tried to hide it once he found it in the side pouch of the suitcase, reports stated.

Officers confiscated the pot and the vehicle owner's Arizona identification and driver license, noting that the picture on the license looked significantly different to the identification card, which was issued three months before, reports stated.

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