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Police Beat

By Arek Sarkissian II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday May 6, 2003

A student told police she punched her ex-boyfriend three or four times on Friday because she felt threatened.

She told police she asked her ex-boyfriend, who is also a student, to come up to her room in Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St. to "hash things out."

However, she said her ex-boyfriend brought nine other people with him, reports stated.

She told police he then began "getting in her face and saying ╬You know you want to hit me,'" reports stated.

She told police she felt like he was getting too close so she punched him in the face a few times, then pushed him away. At that point, other people broke up the fight.

She told police she only had "one sip" of alcohol but officer noticed a strong smell on her breath. She also had bloodshot eyes.

The ex-boyfriend told police that his ex-girlfriend said, "If you want to brawl, come up to my room," reports stated.

He thought he was going to fight a male friend of hers. He told police she started yelling at him and then punched him in the face. He then told her, "I know you can hit harder than that," reports stated.

She was finally pulled back by one of his friends. The ex-boyfriend suffered a bloody nose.

Officers could smell alcohol on him as well.

Neither student wanted to press charges. However, the incident was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

A student told police Saturday afternoon that she received several prank phone calls on campus and at home.

The student told police that she received several harassing phone calls on Thursday from a man who identified himself as "Keith," reports stated.

After numerous brief conversations, the student would hang up on Keith. She told police that Keith did not threaten her nor did he talk about anything regarding sex. He did not talk about anything of great concern to her, reports stated.

On Friday a man who identified himself as James and then another named Steve also called her. She told the caller that she was busy and would hang up. She said she wasn't concerned about those calls either, reports stated.

However, she became disturbed Saturday when she began receiving phone calls at her home outside Tucson, prompting her to call the police.

The student told police that the next time she received phone calls she would dial *69. She said she would re-call police if she got the phone number of the caller.

Police have no suspects.

Two Sigma Chi fraternity members were arrested Saturday for having fake licenses and for drinking.

Police responded to the Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1616 E. First St., after security called them about a fight brewing, reports stated.

Officers found the two students who were engaged in the altercation. One of them was 20 and the other 19, reports stated.

While they were being interviewed both students had slurred speech and one of them had trouble standing up. When officers asked for identification they first told police they didn't have any. When they were asked again they gave officers Virginia driver licenses, reports stated.

When an officer ran a records check on the licenses, the computer said that there was no record found. The officer asked one of the students why there was no record, but the students said he didn't know. Officers tried another name the student gave but it came back false as well. He finally gave police his real name, reports stated.

The student then told police that he knew it was wrong to drink while under the legal age and that he was sorry.

Both students were arrested for possession of fake licenses and for drinking.

However, the security officer later told police neither of the students were involved in the original altercation, reports stated.

The students were cited and released at the scene.

A Tucson man was arrested Friday after he was caught urinating on a campus building.

The man was found urinating on Coconino Residence Hall, at 1070 N. Olive, with his penis exposed, reports stated.

Near where the man was standing was a puddle of a fresh liquid that appeared to be urine. The man appeared to be drunk, reports stated.

Officers tried to find the man space at an alcohol-drug treatment facility but could not find any. The man was arrested for being a public nuisance and booked into Pima County Jail, reports stated.

He was also told to not return to campus unless he had a legitimate reason.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at www.uapd.arizona.edu.

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