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Tuesday October 8, 2002

Obnoxious anti-American rant covers up truth of Iraq's evils

Would someone please tell me who keeps allowing this backwards thinking, America-hating extremist a column in our paper? This man has no basis for any of his declarations against America, and he poorly uses what he considers overlooked "facts" to back his paranoid leftist argument (Monday, "U.S. aggression against Iraq criminal").

First, Kunnie tries to force us to forget that Saddam Hussein routinely kills his own people by blaming chlorine for millions of deaths. Chlorine? Last time I checked, chlorine is routinely used to clean water supplies in most industrialized states. How, then, did it so happen to kill Iraqis, when people all over the world are still drinking water treated in the same fashion? The statistics Kunnie presents regarding malnutrition are shocking, but who do you really think is to blame? Any government who keeps building palaces instead of programs for its starving children should be the one getting axed.

Next, Kunnie throws in another distraction: Israel. Yes, it is true that Israel has violated U.N. resolutions. Yes, it is true they possess nuclear arms ÷ in fact they boast a very powerful military. The difference between Iraq and Israel is that Israel is only a threat to the Palestinians. They don't invade neighboring countries. They don't systematically kill people who disagree with them. No, they threaten only the Palestinians, who continually commit acts of terror against them.

Finally, Kunnie makes the most obnoxious and offensive statement of his article. He calls his own country racist! Mr. Kunnie, maybe you don't realize this, but to most people, the only thing worse than being subject to racism is being falsely accused of being a racist. Tell me: What in God's name does this war have to do with color? You have no basis for this statement, other than the fact that Arabs and Muslims happen to be of color. You have, in turn, called anyone who supports the war, voted for Bush, or is even dependent on oil for their everyday lives racist. Sadly, you probably believe this!

You need to step into the real world Mr. Kunnie, because it is much more complicated than a false racist conspiracy.

Evan Bornmann
political science senior

Before defending Iraq, don't forget blood Īstill flows red'

I have to wonder, Mr. Kunnie, why a student would pay money to listen to your rants. Your "guest commentary," (Monday, "U.S. aggression against Iraq criminal"), regarding everything from the Iraq issue to the United States' racist agenda only served to illustrate how misinformed you really are.

I agree with you, sir, that it is wrong to murder innocent children, but is the United States really to blame? Saddam Hussein could have had those sanctions lifted at any time by complying with regulations governing his surrender. Did Saddam want to comply? No. If you want to point a finger, point it at a ruler who cares nothing for his own people, but rather his own financial gain and personal power. We as a nation offer more money to third-world causes than all other countries put together, but if one child dies from disease or starvation, we are to blame ÷ not the government of that country, not the parents of that child, but the United States.

The racist country you mention, which Arizona is a part of, is the same country that pays your salary through state funded educational institutions such as the UA, and no doubt offered you government money to educate yourself.

You refer to Iraq as a black country, insinuating that such a fact is in part a basis for U.S. aggression. Last time I checked, the only colors the United States lived by were the ones on our flag. For you to play the race card only serves to hinder progress the people of this nation have worked so hard to achieve.

I have to agree with your statements regarding this nation's previous foreign policy mistakes, but why taint your case with a rant about Israel without offering a solution? Do we pull support from Israel and allow the Muslim nations to eventually kill off the entire population in retaking the ironically-named "holy land," or do we support Israel and continue the never-ending quest for peace? I believe, sir, that blood, white or black, still flows red. You say the United States has no right to make moral judgments ÷ who are you?

I'm glad you disagree and this is a nation of opinions, but state your case and offer a solution. Anyone can point out the wrongs, but it takes a wise person to make them right. See the world without color and creed and offer us your wisdom.

Chris Travis
economics junior

Don't blame all pedestrians for the negligence of the few

Reading Brody Burns' letter to the editor in last Tuesday's Wildcat ("Bikes should be outlawed to keep campus safe") reminds me of the adage, "The right to swing your arms stops where they meet my nose." What's next, Mr. Burns, banning joggers because you may have to look both ways to cross the Mall?

On the contrary, the UA should do everything in its power to encourage alternative (non-motorized) transportation to, from and on campus. Instead of banning bikes for being "unnecessary for daily campus life," let's try making mutual courtesy the modus operandi for everyone on campus ÷ bikers, skaters and pedestrians alike. A few pedestrians are just as careless and thoughtless towards others as are the few bicyclists you seem to think represent the majority of cyclists. Campus is ours to share.

Actually, my pet peeve is the lack of a bicycle underpass connecting McClelland Hall to the rest of campus. I realize the UA banned bike riding there because of a very unfortunate, tragic incident years ago involving a collision between a biker and pedestrian.

But why doesn't the UA install a bike lane there similar to the one at the Speedway underpass north of the Administration building, or at least establish a reasonable period when bike riding is banned? I think you'll find that the great majority of campus riders are considerate of pedestrians. It's ridiculous to villainize us.

Stu Williams
non-degree seeking graduate student


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