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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Battling pornography: Former addict decries porn


A former pornography addict told students last night that pornography is more than just adult Web sites and nude pictures in magazines, it's any material designed with the purpose to cause sexual excitement.

Michael Leahy, the featured speaker in the Porn Nation presentation, told a crowd of about 800 that advertisers are using porn in their ads in every type of media because sex sells.

"You are ground zero of a culture war," Leahy said.

But this is causing a saturation of sexual images into the media, creating relationship problems, eating disorders, sexual addiction and other societal issues, Leahy said. [Read article]

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Football notes: Stats deceptive in Wildcats' loss to No. 1 USC


Special teams carried Arizona against Trojans

Much has been said about the school-record 724 yards the Arizona football team gave up against No.1 Southern California Saturday, not to mention the Wildcats being out-gained by nearly 500 total yards.

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops said what most people don't look at in terms of offensive production are special teams yards, which are often impossible to see by merely looking at a box score. [Read article]

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· Women's golf in top 4 after first day

Judging Harriet Miers: Constitution, civil liberties shouldn't be gambled with


President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court last week sparked a firestorm of criticism.

Did he find a qualified nominee in the woman he has referred to as a "pit bull in size-6 shoes"?

There is no doubt that Harriet Miers is a more than competent attorney. Perhaps she will make a great, Constitution-respecting associate justice on this nation's highest court.

But perhaps not. The very fact that Miers was a lawyer also prevents almost anything from being known about her (because of attorney-client privilege). [Read article]

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Latest Issue: October 5, 2005


Bevelvision: High art for the whole family

The Mat Bevel Institute is the only bit of color you'll find on a nondescript stretch of road on North Stone Avenue, which leads into downtown. A barren enclosed yard fronts a sky-blue brick building with the word "Bevel" painted on its left corner. Except for the color there's really nothing much to the outside of the building.

Yet, the blah, humdrum exterior completely belies what you'll find inside. [Read article]

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Latest Issue: October 11, 2005


Cool evening temperature, activities lure students outdoors

The days on campus are filled with crowds of bustling students hurrying to classes under the unrelenting Tucson sun. But when the sun goes down, the pace slows and many students find it the perfect time to work out, study or just take it easy.

"I'm out here a couple nights a week," said Peter Khoury, an undeclared freshman, between tosses of a light-emitting flying disc. "It's less crowded and the weather's better." [Read article]


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