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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
photo Arizona last call rolled back

Champagne was flowing and extra rounds of drinks were ordered this morning as a new last call took effect in bars across the state.

A bill that passed in April, pushed back last call in Arizona from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m., giving patrons an extra hour to purchase liquor.

Local bars predict heavy crowds throughout the weekend and some have planned special events to celebrate the new law.

"We'll stay out until they kick us out," said Thad Chapman, an aerospace engineering junior. [Read article]

Graduation rate lowers U.S. News' rank of UA

An open-door admissions policy at the University of Arizona continues to hinder its national academic profile, according to rankings released in U.S. News & World Report.

In the "America's Best Colleges 2005" issue of U.S. News & World Report, the UA is ranked 46th in the nation's top 50 public universities. When private institutions like Yale and Dartmouth are included in the survey, the UA ranks 98th for national undergraduate programs. [Read article]

photo UAPD K-9 unit deployed to convention

A UAPD officer and his bomb-sniffing canine are being deployed to the Republican National Convention to help sniff out bombs and respond to any possible terrorist threats.

UAPD officer Kyle Morrison, three members of the Air Force's Explosive Ordinance Disposal team and Tucson Police Department officer Mike Conto, who also has a bomb-sniffing dog, will attend the convention in New York City August 30 to September 2. [Read article]

Sigma Pi greeted by vandalism, threats

Several incidents of vandalism and harassment have occurred at the Sigma Pi fraternity house, formerly the Pi Kappa Alpha, or PIKE, fraternity house.

According to police reports, "PIKE" and "You're fucked" were spray painted on the walls of the Sigma Pi fraternity house on Aug. 13. That same night someone also threw five paintballs at the house and smeared what appeared to be feces on the walls. [Read article]

Poker surfaces at union's Underground

Students with a gambling bug can lay their chips on the table tonight in Wilbur's Underground.

The Games Room, located in Wilbur's Underground in the Student Union Memorial Center, is now hosting poker tournaments and renting tables to poker players.

The poker tables and chips can be rented for $10 an hour.

Wednesdays are tournament nights, and sign up starts at 2 p.m. With a $10 entry fee students will play against each other to find the top player on campus. [Read article]

photo Students, UAPD gear up for bike theft

With more than 380 bikes reported stolen last year at the UA an expensive bike and lock doesn't always prevent bike theft.

While U-shaped locks and Kryptonite locks usually offer more security than cable locks, UAPD Sergeant Eugene Mejia said bike thieves around campus have been known to cut through any type of lock, making an expensive ride an easy target.

Bike bandits around campus often aren't members of the university community, Mejia said. [Read article]

On the spot

Freshman doesn't believe in love at first sight, can tell reporter works for the paper

Wildcat: Hi, my name's Nathan and you're on the spot. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Coombs: Not love, per se.

Wildcat: What? Lust?

Coombs: I believe in attraction that can lead to love, but I don't think I believe in love at first sight.

Wildcat: A lot of girls I've talked to feel that way. Why is that? Guys will be like, "Yeah." [Read article]

Campus Briefs

New benches to line Olive Walk

The UA is about make one of its most historic walkways a more comfortable place to enjoy.

The Campus Arboretum will dedicate eight new sage green metal benches along Olive Walk, just inside the Main Gate on Friday, Sept. 3. The walk is part of the UA Campus Arboretum. The benches, created by Tucson artist James Meador, will allow the UA community and visitors to enjoy lunch or quiet conversation under the heritage olive trees. Robert Forbes, a chemistry professor and the first director of the UA Agricultural Experiment Station, planted the trees in the 1890s. [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • In 1555, Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of St. Basil's Church in Moscow. He was so pleased with this piece of work by the two architects, Postnik and Barma, that he had them blinded so they would never be able to design anything more beautiful.

  • A skin disease became a capital crime under the rule of France's King Philip V, around 1320, when he accused a particularly helpless minority, the lepers, of conspiring against the government. He put many to death. [Read article]

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