November 3, 1994

Fate of student newspapers uncertain

Department meeting informs journalism students of options

Alarms vary in ability to deter theft

Cancer Center goes exotic

Break the tyranny of thinness

Sypherd is Pacheco's shield

Jordan assessment flawed

Graduate admits he told sexist jokes, but don't blame him

'Wildcat' has poor writing, editing

What university?

Exercise Sciences Dept. needed

When money talks, administrators listen

ECE majors can party "with the best of 'em"

Core curriculum critic responds to letter

Cancer headline misleading

What's an anti-environmentalist?

Department cut is just the start

Police Beat

On Campus

Artist explored in 'Bullets Over Broadway'

It's time to lighten up about sex

Oh, to befriend Michael Jordan or at least be his best obstacle


Evans discusses family, roles, influences

Nuclear family portrait skips myths

'Hudsucker Proxy' modifies reality

Wildcats loaded with young talent

Freshman finds success in first tournament

Red-hot Washington coming off big win over UCLA