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Thursday Apr. 18, 2002   |   |   Online since 1994  
Two 'Phantom' masks stolen from Centennial

Two masks used in the "Phantom of the Opera" production were stolen from Centennial Hall early this week, police reports stated.

The masks, valued at $950, were stolen from backstage at Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd., between 10:15 p.m. Sunday and 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Ed Brown, director of communications for UApresents, said the masks will be replaced by the beginning of next week, and in the meantime, costume designers have made temporary masks to "substitute" the stolen ones.

Frances Fehr, the wardrobe supervisor for the production, discovered on Tuesday afternoon that the masks were stolen.

The masks were for two different characters, Brown said. The "Andre" mask, which is valued at $500 and resembles the top portion of a skull, was torn from its headpiece. [Read article]

Out with the old
Headline Photo

RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Groundskeeper Lynette Denise pulls out flowers near the UA Main Library yesterday afternoon. Denise, who is on the flower crew, replaces the flowers around the UA campus twice a year.
Two 'Phantom' masks stolen from Centennial
Top teacher must publish or leave
Departments vary in course evaluation use
Campus Briefs
Governor makes student regent recommendation
New grad student representatives want to reduce TA workload
ASUA passes last bit of club funds
Top teacher must publish or leave

Memo from department head sayslecturer must publish within a year to keep his job

Political science senior lecturer Jim Todd was awarded April 10 for outstanding teaching and his involvement with students outside the classroom. Five days earlier, he had received a notice from the head of the department that said he has a year to publish his research or find another job. [Read article]

The Hardy Boys

Cousins stay close despite draft-day separation

The UA baseball team has one Hardy boy and would have had two, if it wasn't for the MLB Draft.

J.J. Hardy, the cousin of freshman third baseman John Hardy, chose the professional ranks over the college level. [Read article]

Letters to the Editor

'Laws to regulate' degrees shouldn't get another thought

This is a response to Adam Sollers' letter in the April 15 issue of the Wildcat. His letter, although bearing some important facts regarding a higher education, is totally irrational and should be void of any further thought. First of all, had Loren Woods left school after his junior year, he would have been a first round pick, or at least, that was what experts said. Experts also said he would again be chosen in the first-round after his senior year. But thanks to less than positive workouts in pre-draft camps, Loren fell all the way to the late second round, not the middle of the first round as you incorrectly stated. [Read article]

The art of· the true brew

A tribute to beer, one of the most enduring drinks on the planet

Each year, millions of college students enter bars and order beers. For many, beer consumption is simply a habit, the thing to do. Many students do not have an appreciation for the beverage, the art of its creation and knowledge of its history as one of the most enduring drinks on the planet. [Read article]


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