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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday Feb. 14, 2002

No. 9 Arizona at UCLA
February 14
No. 10 Kentucky at No. 21 Georgia
February 16
No. 8 Gozaga at Pepperdine
February 16
No. 9 Arizona at No. 25 USC
February 16
No. 1 Duke at No. 3 Maryland
February 17
Headline Photo
Justin St. Germain
sports editor

If it weren't for a freak 22-point, 17-rebound performance last year in Pauley by the least-coordinated Bruin, Dan Gadzuric, Arizona would have won the last three straight against UCLA. Gadzuric's averaging all of 10.3 ppg this season, and if he couldn't lead the Bruins past Pepperdine, he's not going to have much luck against the Wildcats.
Arizona 84, UCLA 76
Georgia's inflated ranking is based on two road wins over Top 10 teams - Kentucky and Florida - almost a month ago. They've played five ranked teams all year. Arizona played five ranked teams in the first month. Florida already got its revenge earlier this week; now it's Kentucky's turn to knock Georgia back out of the rankings where they belong.
Kentucky 88, Georgia 70
WCC conference action: it's fan-tastic. This game oughta be a laugher. I don't care if Pepperdine beat UCLA; it has no answer for Dan Dickau's 20.6 ppg and 48 percent 3-point percentage. Not even Wave star … uh, Wave star … Jimmy Miggins can stop Dickau and the 'Zags, who are enjoying their highest ranking ever. They're not stopping at the Sweet Sixteen this year.
Dickau 75, Pepperdine 60
This is the game Arizona needs to worry about. Everything Gadzuric isn't - athletic, quick, black - USC All-American forward Sam Clancy is. It won't look as pretty as last month's 17-point pounding, but Arizona should pull out its second LA sweep of the season en route to the regular-season Pac-10 title.
Arizona 68, USC 67
All I want for Valentine's Day is Dick Vitale's heart - broken. If the Terps' terrible tandem of guards Steve Blake and Juan Dixon can contain Duke's Jason Williams and Maryland center Lonny Baxter can out-ugly Carlos Boozer in the paint, the Terrapins will give Vitale a coronary and make the basketball world safe for Pac-10 fans.
Maryland 75, Duke 73
Headline Photo
Maxx Wolfson
asst. sports ed.
I blame the Bruins' loss in McKale this season on one thing: coaching. Steve Lavin forgot that college basketball games are played for 40 minutes, not 20. However, if there is one thing about Lavin that has saved his ass over the years, it has been his ability to make the Pauley faithful forget about disappointing losses with huge wins. Check USC last week.
UCLA 87, Arizona 80
Remember the good ol' days of Saul Smith and his pops Tubby at Kentucky and older brother G.G. at Georgia? I'm sure mother/wife Donna does. Donna won't have to worry about that this year now that Saul is playing down in the D-League and G.G. is a manager for the Wildcats. With Donna cheering in the stands for UK, they will steal a victory in Athens.
Kentucky 77, Georgia 67
The West Coast killer is ready to strike again. No, OJ has not been spotted in SoCal; it's been the Waves that have been "knocking off" top seeds this year. Pepperdine downed UCLA, USC and gave the 'Zags their only loss of the season in the WCC. Paul Westphal is gearing his team up for another thrashing of a Top 25 team.
Pepperdine 72, Gonzaga 69
If the Wildcats go into L.A. and lose both games, say goodbye to the No. 1 seed in the Pac-10 tourney. However, coaching will play a factor here once again. Look for Lute Olson to insert Isaiah Fox into the lineup to cover Sam Clancy. The defense of Fox and Jason Gardner breaking out of his slump will be the lethal combination that will help UA salvage its West Coast Swing.
Arizona 92, USC 80
I know how ridiculous this might sound, but Steve Blake does a good job covering Jason Williams. I know, call me crazy, but the Terps will win this game because Blake holds college basketball's best player to under 20 points. The Dukies might be the best team in the land - I think Kansas is - but Maryland in College Park usually spells trouble for the Devils.
Maryland 90, Duke 87
Headline Photo
Jeff Lund
sports writer
UCLA is coming off a bad loss to Villanova, while Arizona has won four in a row. I can't actually pick a score for this game because I am the beat writer. Instead, I will predict a game of H.O.R.S.E. between UA forward Luke Walton and UCLA alumnus Bill Walton. Luke's shot has been on lately, and that means bad news for Daddy.
Luke - H.O. Bill - H.O.R.S.E.
Ah, a game I can give an opinion on. After the loss to Florida, UGA is looking to rebound. Now with Kentucky coming to town, another home loss wouldn't exactly provide the right type of momentum as the season winds down. UK forward Tayshaun Prince will have a big game and the Bulldogs will again lose and will be left reeling after two straight home losses.
Kentucky 86, Georgia 73
This game might not seem like much, but anyone who watches college basketball knows the 'Zags are for real. However, Pepperdine has been doing some damage itself this season. The Waves are leading the West Coast Conference with a 10-0 record. Make time in your weekend for this game. Both of these teams will make some noise in March.
Gonzaga 78, Pepperdine 76
No. 11 Arizona (Gymcats) No. 21 Oregon State There was once a time when I could do the splits. It wasn't on purpose, and it happened to be on a frozen Alaskan bay, but that memory is enough to spark a gymnastic staff pick. The Gymcats have been tearing up the mats, and I figured I would give them a little love. Arizona heads to Oregon State.
Winner - Arizona
This rivalry has developed into the most intense in the country - possibly because that is where most of the TV cameras point. I had a chance to visit Cole Field House during Christmas break. I never got down to the floor, but the students will after this huge victory. The Terps will control the game, and not even Dick Vitale will be able to bring the Dukies back.
Maryland 86, Duke 82
Headline Photo
David Stevenson
sports writer
Just to let everyone know, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Ahh, those lovely words. On to basketball, not only does Bruin forward Jason Kapono have the sweetest shot in the conference -sorry Casey Jacobsen - but lights it up with a headband. On another note, UCLA center Dan Gadzuric always looks like he's constipated. That being said, UCLA will throttle UA.
UCLA 97, Arizona 74
I hate the Bulldogs, especially since every loser in my graduating high school class went there. UK Junior Keith Bogans really is a schmuck when he declared for the NBA draft and then returned to school - wait, didn't Jason Gardner pull that too? Hopefully UK and Bogans will show up for this game.
Kentucky 85, Georgia 79
John Stockton. Enough said.
'Zags 94, Pepperdine 88
All I got to say is look at this stat from their meeting in McKale - shooting percentages: UA 54 -USC 33. This won't happen again. USC is too strong down low with Sam Clancy (240 lbs.) and David Bluthenthal (200 lbs.). The two of them will shut down forward Luke Walton. Southern California will be hungry for this one, and it will not stop at anything to win.
USC 92, Arizona 81
Nobody has stopped Duke yet this year, except for a fluke loss at Florida State. Duke center Carlos Boozer (6-9, 280 lbs) coupled with Maryland's Lonny Baxter (6-8, 260 lbs.) should provide a lot of body in the paint. It's another overheated, over-hyped rivalry, so don't expect it to be a game, like usual.
Duke 85, Maryland 72


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