September 7, 1995


Football game expected to fill up Zone 1 lots

GPSC/ASUA seek divorce

Orioles' Ripkin breaks 'unbreakable record'

Are drug-induced abortions ethical?

Sigma Nu chapter defines UA 'tradition'

Columnist's views a little old fashioned

University's squirrel studies skewed

Astronomy student questions scope site

Wildcat needs'a few less whiners'

Article demonstrated 'world of make-believe' over Mt. Graham project

Faulkner's due a dissing

Police Beat

Campus Calendar

Best-selling author speaks out on Spontaneous Healing

France faces violent protest of nuclear tests

Nation & World


'Suspects' keeps the audience guessing

Film paints 'bizarre' picture of artist Crumb


Multiple talents push artist's vision past the stale boundaries

A new tune for the music of the night

Memories of a wacky road trip

If it ain't broke don't fix it

Mediocrity leaves album flaccid

By Loy Fankbonner and Jason Fierstein, Arizona Daily Wildcat

What's Hot

What's Not

Coull aims for campus unity

Ripken passes Gehrig in style

UA's problem: Revenge on Georgia Tech's mind

Cheever motivated by last year's defeat