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Thursday March 22, 2001

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UA students held at knifepoint yesterday in dorm

UAPD detains Chandler man in 3 minutes from early-morning 911 call

A 19-year-old Chandler man was charged with kidnapping and two counts of aggravated assault early yesterday after he allegedly held a former girlfriend and another man at knifepoint in a campus dormitory, university police said.

The woman's estranged boyfriend, identified as Phillip M. Hinkley, 18, allegedly came to Hopi Hall, 1440 E. Fourth St., to return property belonging to the female victim, police said.

Hinkley became enraged upon finding the two teenage students together and forced his way into the male victim's room through a window, police said.

Once inside, he allegedly brandished a knife, and threatened both occupants.

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Q & A with Quintero and Chang

ASUA President and VP discuss next year's administration

ASUA President-elect Ray Quintero and Executive Vice President-elect Sam Chang campaigned together during student body elections, and now that they have both been elected to office, the two say they plan to work on many of the same issues.

Wildcat: Why did you initially decide to campaign together?

Quintero: We worked together all year in ASA (Arizona Students Association) and realized that a lot of our ideas were on the same page. It's funny because a lot of people after the campaign - even our friends - get us confused now.

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From Sour to Sweet 16

Wildcats overcame death, suspensions to get to Sweet 16

The world they knew was crashing in on them.

Who they were and what they were supposed to be was in serious doubt.

Basketball was no longer fun. It was a burdensome chore that they were doing because everyone expected them to.

Once enjoying the lofty position of the nation's No. 1 spot, the Arizona basketball team plumetted down to mortality.

Loren Woods, Gene Edgerson and Richard Jefferson were suspended. Bobbi Olson, UA head coach Lute Olson's wife of 47 years, died.

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Campaign finance reform

This week, the U.S. Senate began debating the highly anticipated McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. It is being challenged by competing bills, such as the Hagel Bill, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.

McCain-Feingold is the first such measure to be debated in a quarter century. The last major campaign reform that took place was during the Nixon years, and many today debate whether those reforms went too far or whether they even went far enough.

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Pirates in the desert

2 UA students create low-budget movie, learn to juggle school and work

Surely, all great film directors were inspired by a taco containing fish.

Well, maybe not all - but UA students Porter McDonald and Alden Corey certainly were.

While eating in a restaurant in San Diego, McDonald and Corey said they came up with the idea of "Fish Taco" for the name of their first movie, debuting tomorrow.

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Fast facts: Thursday March 22, 2001

An average of 200 million credit cards are used every day in the United States.

The typical American credit-card holder carries nine credit cards and owes over $2,000.

In 1988, MasterCard became the first payment card issued in the People's Republic of China.

According to Consumer Reports, 80 percent of all purchasing in the United States is done on credit.

The magnetic strip on a MasterCard holds two or three tracks of information. The first track contains your name, expiration date, card type and data such as your PIN and credit limit. The second track holds your account number, start date and discretionary data. The third track holds information for ATM use.