August 24, 1995


AZ regents to discuss UA budget

Park Center goes private

Asian center focuses attention on new look

Finding adventures in the great outdoors

Saddam Hussein: a 'little' man

An open letter from the Provost

Kyl 'distorted facts' in tale of farmer's woes

Police Beat

Campus Calendar

Sweatshop raids lead to 55 arrests in Los Angeles

Teen hitches a ride

Cards a credit to UA students

ASA considers early polling site to encourage student voting

Montserrat volcano set to explode

Around the nation: Birmingham students fight for ideals

'Tis the season to lock up bikes

Campus safe despite reports

Play criticizes regime, banned by government

People sense Antichrist in common numbers

Lightning strikes Marines; one dies, five injured

Lotsa 'palosers: 'Can't buy me Love'

If bands reflect show's status, Lollapalooza is past its prime

Wang's 'Smoke' creates an altar to the weightless soul

Woo and Flint: offbeat kung fu film fighting from Hong Kong to Hollywood

Oblivians' 'Soul Food' fit for palate

Images haunt Bowden's America

Photos exhibit immigrants' plight

Tucson theaters alternate intelligent and light fare

Surgery separates Siamese sisters

For New York, it's a 'sensible thing to do'

Bomb victim who lost children undergoes surgery to try again

Hart running?

High school senior sells first screenplay

Sports Illustrated to put Trojans to ultimate test

New faces in lineup for women's soccer

Students look forward to season openers

UCLA, Syracuse highlight schedule